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mccoa board & Employees

MCCOA Board Members                                       MCCOA Office Staff

Chairperson- Randy Wiscombe

Vice-Chairperson- Don Edwards

Treasurer- Corleen "Corky" Proulx

Secretary- VACANT

Hillman Trustee- Joseph Bouchey

Atlanta Trustee- Jackie Lardie

Lewiston Trustee-  VACANT

Beverly Crawford                     Executive Director

Linda Kline                                  In-Home Coordinator

Susan Takash                              Administrative Assistant

Vicki Goodburne                       Accounting & Finance

Karen Balcom                            MMAP

Jeanne Steele-Brady              Registered Nurse

Don Kline                                     Maintenance

MCCOA Direct Care Workers

Lynn Brownlee        Jessica Gardner        Brianna Grinage        Julie Jones        Gloria Remus

Tracie Schrader       Blake Smith               Cindy Taylor              Kayla Taylor        Mary Traub

Cailey Tebedo

Atlanta Senior Center

Tammy Oberski - Cook

Philomena Neilsen - Cook Aide

Holly Hartle - HDM Driver/ Aide

Hillman Senior Center

Jenny Jacks - Cook/ Nutrition Coordinator

Yvette Gronos - Cook Aide

Brian Cheney - HDM Driver

Sally Morse - Fill-In Aide for All Centers

Lewiston 50+ Senior Center

Matt Cornell - Cook

Cindy Freeman - Cook Aide

Michelle Caten - HDM Driver/ Aide

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